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Matruchaatya Orphanage is part of the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne, an international religious congregation who works mainly for poor and marginalized people. We are located in Nadiad, Gujarat and our primary mission is to provide serves for the poor, destitute and abandoned children and young adults. We provide them with shelter, education and rehabilitation. Some children may be adopted, while others are provided with higher education so that they may be independent and prepared for marriage. Also, we provide rehabilitation for mentally challenged children and offer special training so that they live with dignity and independence.

We have over fifty children that we care for from the ages of 0 to 18. Most of the children are under six. We are able to meet our objective to ensure all of our children and young adults live with in a safe environment with dignity.

Our Sisters and staff provide comprehensive care and support to the children who live at the orphanage. This care includes providing our children with education, meals, health care, recreational activities and a spiritual environment that they can thrive in.

So take a look around our website, see what we do.We would love to get to know you more, learn about how you heard of our organization and also hear any thoughts or ideas that you might have. If you are interested in sponsoring or donating, please click the appropriate buttons below. We cannot do this work alone so we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to the family!