Matruchhaya Orphanage
(Sisters of Charity St.Anne Trust)
Loving Home for Every Child...


Matruchhaya Orphanage’s main goal is the ultimate rehabilitation of orphan and destitute children. Adoption of children is carried out as a part of rehabilitation of orphan children. This institution has received the recognition for in country adoption work by social justice & Empowerment Department, Government of Gujarat, Gnadhinagar. In country adoption work is since 1996 and we received recognition for inter country adoption from “ Central Adoption Resource Authority” Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi, Government of India since 2003.

Till today we have rehabilated total 240 children for adoption in India, 23 for N.R.I. adoption and 44 for foreign adoption.

Adoption work is carried out as per the guidelines of CARA (Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India) the institution is running very smoothly. And institution is working as per the J.J.Act 2000 and Amendment Act 2006.

Festival Celebration

All Religious festivals such as Diwali, Janmasthmi, Navratri, and Christmas etc. are celebrated in our institution and also all national festival like independence day, republic day and also Gandhi Jayanti, Nehru Jayanti are the festivals that we celebrate in Matruchhaya so that child grows in love and respect towards all the religions and also to the state and country at large.

We arrange a function once a year for all the adoptive parents as well as go on tours with children each year.


The Institution performs marriages of major girls and boys. Having completed their higher studies or any vocational training, we search for them a suitable partner. During 10 years we have around 10 inmates who got married and are well settled. We see to it that all the marriage rituals are performed as like any other marriage in the society. We consider that day as auspicious and proudest occasion for us. On this day elite of the society is invited to attend the function.