Matruchhaya Orphanage
(Sisters of Charity St.Anne Trust)
Loving Home for Every Child...

Donating Goods To Our Orphanage

(Goods In Kind)

A really great way to help us out is to donate goods to our orphanage (goods in kind). This can be done by collecting together clothes (new or second hand), books, toys, pencils… etc. and then bundle them up in a parcel and send them out to us. We have put together a little list below of some useful and not-so-useful items. Sometimes this can be a little expensive for people so perhaps you could try getting together with a group of friends or colleagues.Over the years we have received plenty of different things in the post, from the ordinary (shoes, watches, clothes) to the extraordinary (a box of honey, medicines, furniture). There is very little that we can’t use.

Our Postal Address
Matruchhaya Orphanage
Vaishali Road, Indiranagar
Nadiad-387002 Gujarat, India

What we need...

Aside from below list You can also make
(1) F.D. for Food of amount Rs. 50,000/- with interest, from this we can provide one time food
(2) Rs. 1 Lakh F.D. for Education of one child.