Matruchhaya Orphanage
(Sisters of Charity St.Anne Trust)
Loving Home for Every Child...

Our Orphanage History
Where we came from...
Emerged from the Society, through society and for the welfare of the society.

Sr. Maria Maya was working in the Dispensary of Our Lady of Pillar and helping to run the maternity ward. One morning as she opened the door of the dispensary and lo and behold… She found a new born baby lying on the door. Someone had abandoned the child. She picked up the child and cradled the baby. The caring and nursing began and she got an instant inspiration to care for such abandoned babies. Since then she never turned back and looked.

Thus Matruchhaya came into existence! As we began Matruchhaya we had two orphan children called Pinky and David. Both are given in adoption and are very happy in their respective families. So bye now we have rehabilited around 400 to 500 children. Some are restored back to their families and some are given in adoption. The work of Charity has not yet stopped but it continues even today.

Matruchhaya orphanage is an Oraphange which is situated at Indira nagar, Vaishali Road, Nadiad. Matruchhaya is an Institution and it is a very part of the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne. It is a Charity based institution. And it mainly caters to the needs of the poor and the marginalized people.

Sisters of Charity of St Anne is an institution which works in all the spheres of the society. It provides services like hospitals, schools, old age homes and orphanages etc. in Nadiad Matruchhaya ensures the poor, destitute, abandoned, lost and orphan children happy childhood and bright future by restoring them back to their family if possible and rehabilitating them by adoption.

We also have other project functioning in the same campus. We have small dispensary which provides free medication to the poor sick people also we conscientize people regarding their health through different workshops on health and hygiene. We have networking with government where we have initiated RNCTP project in collaboration with CBCI.

In the area of social work we have project sponsored by CRS for the empowerment of Women and village. We have three villages where we have around 30 SHG.This project work is going on from last 5 years. We have observed that many women have come up in their life . We also teach them about their rights and as result they become forward and able to fight for their rights.

Thus Matruchhaya does not only cater to the needs of the children but to it reaches out to all those who are in need. We have 50 children at present in the institution. They are all happy and one could see the joy that is sparkling in their eyes.

In the middle Gujarat this institution stands as one of the best in child care services. Institution provides food, clothing and shelter to the inmates, give education from K.G to Higher Secondary and even higher education to those who are clever in study. Vocational training such as tailoring, computer classes etc for their rehabilitation.

With growing social concern and realization for the abandoned, destitute children Matruchhaya started functioning since 1980 and got recognized by social defense department of Gujarat state on 4th March, 1996. In the year 2003 we received recognition for Inter Country Adoption from “Central Adoption Resource Authority” Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi, Government of India. In the year 2009 we started another home for the boys.