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Some of the Success Stories From Our Orphanage...

Story of a Miracle Boy: Shreyansh

Shreyansh was admitted in Matruchhaya Orphanage by unwed mother on 25/01/2016. He was premature and underweight. He was directly admitted in the hospital in Neonatal intensive care for immediate care.

He was diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis and gasping condition with cardiac arrest.Shreyansh was discharged from hospital after 15 days of intensive care. He had very low birth weight of just 1.555 kg. After his discharged from the hospital he was given special care and attention. He gradually gained his weight 2 kg by month of March 2016.

Today shreyansh has improved so much. He was referred to neurologist. He had diagnosed that Shreyansh is a CP (cerebral Palsy) child. He need special care and attention. He is given physiotherapy. We have spent approximately 2 Lakhs rupees for the cure of Shreyansh. He has improved with treatment. We still hope to help him come up as a healthy child.

Story of a Tribal Girl: Reva

This is another story of a tribal girl Reva. Reva is a tribal. She was in Nari Kendra Ahmedabad. As she became 18 years old she was transferred to our institution for the work and shelter purpose. She was admitted here and she was working as an Aaya. Her family was in utter poverty and father is very sick therefore he could not take care of Reva. The institution helped to her to study the Nursing course. Thereafter she started working. Since it was her age for marriage so we found a suitable partner for her and in the year 2010 on 28th November.

She lives a happy married life and also she has adjusted with her new family. Her in-laws are all happy with her. She says that she is very grateful to the institution for because of Matruchhaya. she is happy in her life and all her dreams have come true.

Story of 3 Girls: Niru(Narmada), Uma and Geeta

They were brought to our institution from the street. Sr Elsa recommended admitting them in our institution. So their father Mr. Mohanbhai surrendered them to the institution forever. Since they had no mother and they were staying on the street which was not at all safe sisters admitted them in Matruchhaya. After they came to our institution in short period of time their father also expired. So they became orphaned. So finally Matruchhaya took up the responsibility of bringing up these girls. They were sent to the schools and taken care.

Niru (Narmada) the eldest daughter got an opportunity to study secretarial and also nursing. Thereafter she worked for the short time. Since it was her age for marriage we found suitable partner for her and gave her into marriage to Mr.Dipak Vaghela on 20th November 2007 who resides at SALOON. Now she says she is very happy in her married life. She also has one baby boy who is seven months old.

The second girl child Uma now she is 27 years old. She completed her secretarial course at Loyola institution also she is graduated with English and sociology. She is working in Nadiad as P.A.(personal assistant). She earns 3000/Rs every month. Matruchhaya doesn’t take her salary but we deposit it in the bank. Now we are searching for a suitable partner for her.

The youngest girl by name Geeta she is 23 years old has completed 12th std and now applied for nursing and she has cleared the entrance exam. By the end of this month she will be joining her nursing school.

So here is the story of these three girls whose future was burdensome at one time and now they have become self dependent and can live their life with dignity. Matruchhaya Orphanage has difference in many lives in unique way.