Matruchhaya Orphanage
(Sisters of Charity St.Anne Trust)
Loving Home for Every Child...


The Primary mission of this institution is: To provide services for the poor, the destitute and the abandoned children and young adults. We provide them with shelter, education and rehabilitation. The child that enters into this home receives all the love, care, affection and above all personal attention as like any ordinary child in the society. We see to it that they do not lack anything.

Some children are given in adoption, while the others are provided with higher education for their better future perhaps to make them realize their self worth and make them independent. Also we prepare them for marriage and so that they can settle down in life and have a secured future.


The main aim is the whole round development and rehabilitation of the children of the Institution. Education, Character formation, vocational Education.

  • To provide services for the poor, the destitute and the abandoned children.
  • To provide shelter, education and rehabilitation.
  • To give them secure future.
  • To fulfill the basic and primary needs of the children
  • To rehabilitate them by giving them in adoption.
  • To provide them with higher studies and vocational trainings.
  • Child welfare programme i.e. adoption.
  • Holistic development of the children